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    Experiencing the Christmas Eve in Poland has the special, particular family character. We all know that this evening nobody should stay alone, for that reason we leave the empty place around our table, for the sign of our rediness to host everybody who will knock at our doors this special evening. If you want to learn how Polish people are spending this special evening and to learn about many traditions that are connected to this celebration, you just have to fill up the form with all your details. Does not matter which religion are you or how long you stay in Poland or if you are alone or not. You are the most welcome! If you want to meet Polish family at the Christmas Eve (24th December) we will find you a match.

    All you do is filling the form with your details: FOREIGNER'S FORM

    Simultanously we are receiving the applications from the families willing to host the foreigners. We will contact you before Christmas to match you with the family!



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